A Letter To Our Dear Friends

For the past several months we’ve tried our best to update you on the progress of Clementine Café. It has been our goal to be honest and forthright, and in return we’ve been blessed with the most supportive, loyal followers we could ever want. With that in mind, we want to update you on all that is happening with Clementine.

We are so proud and excited to announce that we are re-launching our chef-led meal delivery service ClementineDelivers. We’ve thought long and hard about our journey here in Tampa, and it all started with ClementineDelivers. Our friends and family saw what we were eating and serving our own family and wanted something similar. We created a business right then and there out of a need we saw for food that feeds your soul in no way you’ve experienced before.

We will begin taking orders today for ClementineDelivers. You can call us at 813.382.5575 or email clementinechef@gmail to place your order. Our first delivery will go out Monday, November 16th. You can find more details here.

Menus will change weekly, but what won’t change is that each meal will be created by Chef Brian using the best real ingredients. Nothing will be processed and we will use organic ingredients whenever possible. Menus can be found here, and will also be posted on our Facebook page.

As for Clementine Café, we are putting that concept on hold – for now. We will temporarily be placing #thelittleairstreamthatcould in storage until we’ve found a new home for what we know will be a successful café that will continue to bring #realgoodfood to Tampa Bay.

Through Clementine Delivers we will continue our mission to serve real food, with ingredients that allow us to preserve the integrity with which we cook. The bottom line is that we will serve delicious food that makes you feel good.

Most of all, thank you for standing by and supporting us! Brian and Misty

Darin Crofton Photography