Oh My Darlin' - All About Clementine

You know those people who are always saying stuff like, “some of the greatest things in the world happened by accident” and “you’ll get the very thing you want the very minute you’re not looking for it”?

Well, we should all be listening to those people.

It’s been that way for us since the day we met and Clementine is no exception. With decades of restaurant and hospitality experience under our belts (Brian is a wildly talented chef having worked with and for some of the best chefs in the country and Misty has held just about every front of the house position you can think of from host to GM) we set out to bring the freshest, most delicious food to the people of Tampa Bay.

Being new to Florida and meeting great people every day, we discovered that our new friends had a keen interest in the delicious food we were eating around our dinner table. Some of them even began offering to buy it from us! And, friends of friends began asking us to cook food for parties at their homes!

I wish we could say that we embraced these new circumstances and immediately saw what we had, but that’s not really the case.

But, slowly… slowly the idea of Clementine began to morph in our minds. In reality, before we knew it, we actually HAD a business, a business that happened very organically, sort of “by accident” and definitely “the very minute we were not looking for it.”

Having said all that, here we are, the owners of Clementine Chef, proud to be offering the people of Tampa and the surrounding areas fresh, delicious food and impeccable, personal service straight from our hearts.